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ass farts and farting  bathroom desperation farts hd

ass farts and farting bathroom desperation farts hd

In this custom video,, I have to go to the bathroom SOOOO bad, and i-m not talking a "number 1" !! This is number 2 business all the way! I can feel my stomach gurgling and my asshole puckering up tight to keep from exploding in my jeans. Even though my ass is clenched, farts keep slipping out. Dangerous super smelly farts that make me afraid I might mess myself each time they sneak out of my butt hole. Unfortunately it seems the bathroom is occupied so I am stuck waiting desperately outside the door as my farts and belly ache continue to get worse... My belly is so bloated that i finally unbutton my jeans to try to give it some breathing room, but the farts just keep coming. Finally, after what seems like forever, i get my chance in the bathroom. I rush to the toilet and with great relief, I sit upon it and unload everything i got into that porcelain thrown big time! That feels MUCH better....

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