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couldn`t hold it anymore! hd veronicasteam

couldn`t hold it anymore! hd veronicasteam

Custom Request:
-You saying that you have to go to the bathroom, but you were channel surfing on the TV and found your favorite TV show is on, and telling us how it really isn-t that bad. You will go when the movie or TV show is over, only to wait a while to say how it-s starting to get bad, but you think you can make the rest of the movie or TV show, only to fart a bit and you showing the camera how you been paerie doggin the poop, You start getting scared nervous saying how you don-t know if this is a fart or a poop. The TV show is almost over, only a couple of minutes left, and you saying the TV show is finally over, only to say I-ll let this fart out, only to say uh-ohh I shouldn-t have done that, with a spot on a little pee running down your leg or on your pants,and you just taking off running as fast as you can to the bathroom, while holding and squeeze yourself trying to not pee anymore, but showing the camera your skid marks on your panties from not wanting to miss your favorite TV show, while still holding yourself rushing over towards the toilet to finish peeing. But half way through you notice you forgot to pull your pants and panties down, and then finish shitting peeing and farting, saying I thought I just had to farther not pee, and give a big sigh of relief. I then show you the big mess I made in my panties, turn around and show you the MOUNTS of Shit in my ass crack, ass checks, pussy ect.

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